Discovery is one of the first steps in seeing what we're all about at Legacy. Discovery gives newcomers an overview of the vision, beliefs and structure of our church. It's an opportunity to get to know our leadership team and to ask questions on a range of topics: What do we believe about the Bible? What is an elder? What is baptism all about? How do my kids get involved in the youth group?


Sunday morning is great. It’s essential. We need God’s Word preached to us to begin to be rooted in Christ. But we believe that people really start growing in their relationship with Christ and in obedience to Him in the context of relationships. For that reason, we encourage involvement in small groups where people can meet together for authentic community, prayer and Bible study and where they can develop one-on-one relationships where more in-depth sharing and discipleship can take place.

At Legacy, we call them Life Groups.


Focus Groups provide an opportunity to start to do in-depth study of God’s word, to get to know other men and women who are also striving to grow and to get a taste of the kind of life change that personal discipleship entails, before taking the step of committing to a discipleship relationship. A Focus Group might be a men’s study, a women’s study, a theology class, a parenting class, a money-management class or other class that is offered for a six- to ten-week period. 

Click here to log in and register for a Focus Group. After login select the registrant's name and then select the correct event from the drop-down menu. For more information about current or upcoming Focus Groups, contact the church office at 903.892.1476 or


We believe that as Christians we are called to be involved in the discipleship process (Matthew 28, Acts 1:8). Discipleship is the entrusting of the gospel and one's life to another (1 Thessalonians 2:8, 2 Timothy 2:2). There are six core values that mark our vision of discipleship: worship, Bible, prayer, authentic community, service and evangelism. Discipleship happens when a person spends intentional time outside of Life Group meetings with another person (or persons) to work on growing in specific areas of life. When two or three people begin sharpening and encouraging each other by applying God’s word, praying for one another and providing accountability for specific areas of growth, the truth of the gospel starts coming to bear on their lives in a powerful way. Whether you have never been discipled or have discipled many others, we want to provide the opportunity to jump into the process!

If you're desiring to be discipled or ready to disciple others,