"And all who believed were together and had all things in common." –Acts 2:44

Sunday morning is great. It’s essential. We need God’s Word preached to us to begin to be rooted in Christ. But we believe that people really start growing in their relationship with Christ and in obedience to Him in the context of relationships. For that reason, we encourage involvement in small groups where people can meet together for fellowship, prayer and Bible study and where they can develop one-on-one relationships where more in-depth sharing and discipleship can take place.

At Legacy, we call them Life Groups.

Life Groups are where the life of our church happens. Whatever your stage of life, spiritual maturity or schedule may be, we believe there is a place for you to plug in to the life of our church to be encouraged in following Christ and to begin encouraging others.

Life Group sign ups will begin in August for  the 2021/2022 year.

Want to hear more about what a Life Group is all about?

Listen to Legacy church members share about what their Life Group experience has meant to them.