Legacy college and young adults ministry exists to connect young adults with the larger body of believers at Legacy Bible Church and equip them to go out and make disciples in the communities that they do life in.


Every week young adults meet for The Gathering to walk through a study focused on establishing and reestablishing the basics of the gospel through the lens of Christ and God’s Word. Through a dialogue-based Bible study, we hope to establish a foundation that gives young adults a confidence and understanding in biblical beliefs that they can then take into their communities.

The Gathering is Tuesday, 9–10:30 p.m., at 1108 South Travis Street. 


It is our goal to get young adults as involved in the community as possible, so we offer numerous opportunities to serve in the church through internships in many of Legacy’s ministries.


Families within the Legacy body adopt students to provide a meal from time to time and relational connections. If you are a student or family who is interested, contact Nick Rogers for more information or to apply.


Contact Nick Rogers, students and college minister, at nick@legacybiblechurch.org.


Our global partnerships provide opportunities for students to serve around the globe for established mission organizations through UK-USA Ministries in Northeast England and Fellowship Guatemala in South America.

Gap Year Program - Students work with Youth for Christ for one year in England.

Summer/Semester Internships - Students can continue school online while serving in the UK or in Guatemala.

Short-Term Mission Trips - Most summers we will take a team to either England or Guatemala.

Partnership - We provide support through giving, praying and sending those investing in our mission partners.