The goal of the Worship and Arts team at Legacy Bible Church is to call attention to who God is and to what He has done for us through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through the mediums of music and art. We believe that when people see God, the natural response from their hearts is authentic worship.

We have three areas of service that work together toward the goal of helping people see the truth of who God is in our worship gatherings:


Throughout the Bible God set apart singing as a special form of expression for His people. We spend a significant portion of our weekly gathering singing because we believe that God reveals Himself through corporate singing in a unique way that connects to the heart more readily than any other form of expression.


Our tech team strives to provide an environment that draws attention toward God. In mixing audio and displaying carefully chosen visual elements, our tech team works behind the scenes to enrich our corporate worship times.


Our arts team works to provide the additional elements that communicate the person of God outside of the realm of music. Our God is creative, and being made in His image we have been given the gift of creativity. We want to give opportunities for a more complete expression of worship, as well as tangible elements to enhance the corporate worship experience.

For more information about how to get involved with the Worship and Arts team, contact Joshua Grammon.